Kyle LeMaster

Lead Full Stack Interactive Experiences Engineer


Compulsive Creator. Battle-hardened Engineer. Iterative Idea-smith. Are you looking to build the next great interactive experience? I'm a passionate creative engineer with the knowledge and experience to bring dreams to life. Large team? Small team? No team? No problem! No matter where you are in your endeavor, I can help crack the enigma and deliever. Let's make something great together!


Open to Contracts, Part-time, and Full-time Positions 


EverCraft Online

Lead Designer / Client Engineer

A world of adventure and excitement awaits you in Adrullan! Getting back to the classic roots of the MMORPG genre, EverCraft Online is designed to be a demanding, yet rewarding, multiplayer experience. Band together and forge friendships as you slay epic beasts, master ancient magics, craft potions and armor, and befriend or pillage unique civilizations. Bend destiny to your will as you travel a world long abandoned by the gods, unraveling the mystery of their divine power as it slowly seeps back into the land. Race to harness the might of their divine arcana - before your enemies get there first. Learn more here:


Personal Project

Vigil is a VR Noir game with advanced scripting, real time lip-sync approximation, world space UIs, and more. It serves as a creative testbed for me to experiment with VR / AR features and systems. Check out the full video playlist here: Project Vigil Dev Playlist

Norrath: Age of Turmoil  

Personal Fan Project

Norrath: Age of Turmoil utilizes assets from the 1999 MMORPG EverQuest so that fans may experience Norrath in a whole new way! This project acts as a system incubator for my other projects. Check out the website here: